Akan Ainu Fusion: Unveiling Cultural Treasures on Kickstarter!


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🌸✨ Fusion of Ainu Art and Tradition ✨🌸

Dive into the enchanting world of Akan Ainu Consuln’s latest project, where the rich Ainu culture of Japan’s Hokkaido meets the finesse of traditional craftsmanship! This Kickstarter endeavor showcases Ainu artists’ designs on Arita ware plates and Echizen lacquerware bowls and cups, offering a unique chance to be among the first in the world to own these cultural treasures! 🎨✨

The large 26cm Arita ware plates, intricately designed with Ainu carving techniques, not only please the eyes but also invite you to feel the art with your fingertips. The bowls and cups of Echizen lacquerware draw inspiration from traditional Ainu ritual lacquerware, presenting a luxurious appearance perfect for daily use. 🍜🥢

Designed by artists such as Masaki Saito, Hideharu Taira, Sumio Watanabe, and Shusei Toko, these creations beautifully capture the essence of Ainu culture. Support this project to spread the word and take the first step in owning your piece of art! ✨

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